Thursday, November 21, 2013

10 Things About Me

I've seen a tag on Facebook going around where people post a few things about themselves that their friends might not know. I thought this might be a fun blog post to do since I only blog about geeky and photography related things. Here are 10 random things about me that you might not know!

1) I'm left eye dominant but I am right handed. 

2) The first and only time I've seen snow was in Hawaii.

3) Star Wars is not my favorite movie.

4) I've never seen the Lord of the Rings movies. 

5) I'm very OCD about my room being clean.

6) I despise dreary weather. If the sun's not out, I'm most likely freaking out. 

7) I'm deathly afraid of snakes and spiders. 

8) I don't like the holiday season. 

9) I don't watch very much TV but my favorite show is "The Office". 

10) I never intended to write on this blog for as long as I have. 


  1. snakes, why did it have to be snakes..............

  2. So if Star Wars isn't your favorite movie....what is?

    and I dont really like the holiday season either.

    but really, you've only seen snow once?!?! that's insane.

  3. I'm exactly the same in regards to number one! My right eye is so bad it's why I have to wear glasses.

    I'm also the same in regards to number four. I'm actually rather glad I am not the only person who has not seen LOTR...

    And your favorite show is The Office! AHHH! I just rewatched Season One tonight. :) I miss Micheal...


  4. I agree with #3! Just because it's my favorite fandom doesn't mean it's my favorite movie! People don't usually understand that.

  5. Soooo... You're afraid of Spiders, but not Spiderman??? As that baby in the State Farm commercial would say, "Freeeeakyyyy....."